Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update: April 2010


Let It Be, my first completed novel, is, well, completed! It was officially finished February 2, 2010, but I've done one more editing job since then. Nothing big, just rearranging a few sentences, adding a few "Sam said,"'s (instead of just leaving the quote freestanding), etc. It makes me feel better.

Anyways, Let It Be has been done for a while, and now I'm on an actually COMPLETING kick... which means? No longer will I have 50-120 page ALMOST-but-not-quite finished stories sitting around in my computer. I'm finishing them instead of just jumping from story to story, adding a scene here, a chapter there... NO! THEY WILL BE COMPLETED!

Or, you know, that's the goal.

(My inner voice snorts)

Um... yeah. Me and goals don't sit too well.

HOWEVER-- I am going to work on completing my SECOND novel, and hopefully, it's companion!

Titles are loose, but Extraordinary is pretty well locked in for the first. Yay!

Extraordinary is the story of a three teenagers with extraordinary abilities. Actually, they're part of an underground society of people with power, called EXTRAORDINAIRES. Evangeline, (from whose perspective the story is told) has started to develop her powers the last few months in secret (her mom has no clue what's going on), and she can tell something isn't right. She has intense nightmares, scary hallucinations, and your average "power flubs:" filling the 1200 Science building with bubbles, attracting all the barn owls within the tri-state area, and having a tendancy to blow up any baked goods she comes in contact with.

When Evangeline moves into a neighborhood of eight other Extraordinaires (two sorceresses, and six warriors), she's pysched to find other people her age who simply understand what's going on with her. But her suspicions are comfirmed true: the things that are happening to Evangeline? Yeah, they aren't normal. And they're getting worse.

She makes friends with Andy Patterson and the other warriors that live with him and his family, and they start to explore her overly-strong powers. As she struggles to make sense of everything, she's forced to seek out Andy's foster-brother, arrogant and gruff Nick, since he seems to have the same sort of power-struggles she suffers from. Only he does it much more easily.

As Evangeline and Nick work through their personal power issues, they search for answers about their own allusive heritages, overcome inner demons, and rebattle dangerous enemies the warriors thought they left behind a long time ago.

I plan to finish Extraordinary in the next three months!!! WOOT!

It's companion, however, won't be completed that fast. While Extraordinary is mostly written and is only going to take some meshing and editing (I'm taking two books and making it one... yah, crazy work), the sequel is mostly still in my head.

Meanwhile, I plan to post excerpts here. So keep watching!