Friday, July 16, 2010


I want to write beautiful things again.


Okay, I wouldn't say anything that I've ever written has been beautiful, but I want it to be. Really, really bad.

I wish I could write poetry. I wish I could be beautiful. I wish anything I did was beautiful.

If I could have a choice, it would be my writing I'd want beautiful. Because if you make something that's beautiful, it makes you beautiful, right?

If you're a part of something amazing, that makes you amazing, doesn't it?

I wish I could write music. I wish I could play music. I wish that I could write a lullabye, play a lullabye, sing my children a lullabye. This is one thing I've never even attempted.

I've looked through poetry, trying to find something to turn into a lullabye, but I can't.

I just wish I could write something beautiful.

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