Friday, August 13, 2010

BR: Sunflowers and Seashells

Okay, this is a sort of cheating review. Why? Sunflowers and Seashells hasn't come out yet. And probably won't for a while.

So why am I talking about it?


Yes, I'm exploiting my website for a moment, so sorry. A few months ago, I was talking to my Grandma of all people, and she told me about a poetry contest. So, thinking that some of my stuff from my creative writing class my senior year of high school were pretty entertaining, I sent two in, because it said that with every entry, they'd send back commentary on it.

Well, I got a bit more than commentary. Actually, I haven't gotten the commentary yet. So why am I excited? I got a letter today saying my poem got to the semi-finals! Heck yeah! And, along with being a semi-finalist, my poem is going to be published in Sunflowers and Seashells, an anthology, or "volume of contemporary poetry," that will be available as worldwide online retail bookstores (,, etc).

So, even though I still consider myself a rather terrible poet, I'm about to be published! Woohoo!

(On another note, I am working on some REAL reviews of some legitamite books. I just got pretty excited, and since I consider this my "all things literature" blog, well, I thought I'd share my enthusiasm somewhere. Thanks for your time. I appreciate your patience as I gloat.)

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