Friday, November 13, 2009

A Beginning




Background, perhaps?

I am an aspiring author. I decided that its time I buck up and start sharing my works with other people, to stop being embarrassed. I write, so what? I have some sort of talent for story telling, and I'm not going to waste it any longer. So here we go.

I originally got the idea when I found the website of an author I enjoy... she posted teasers and secret novellas and stuff; I nearly cried with delight when I found it. And she had made a website especially for one of the series she wrote, where she had character bios and artwork and all sorts of stuff that went along with the story, and I was all, "HEY! I DO THAT!" I keep all sorts of extra things that go along with my stories: I find pictures that I would use for the covers of my books, I make playlists that go along with my stories, I find pictures of the sorts of settings I've imagined....etc.

So, what does that have to do with this blog? So very much. Here, I will post snippets of my stories, different scenes, whether they're important or not to the over all story, just things I am especially proud of, or that I think others will find interesting. You know when you crack open a novel, and a lot of the time, on the very first page, there will be some piece of the story, just sitting there? Something that gives you a small foreshadowing of what is to come... a teaser. THAT'S what I'm going to post.

All my stories are waaaaay too long to post here, on a mere blog. Plus, as stupid as it is, I'm afraid of people stealing it. Should I be? I hope not. But we'll see. So I won't ever post an entire story on here. I'll also be posting extras, like I talked about before.

If you are ever interested in what you read, if you'd like to know more, contact me. I'll probably be glad to giv you a copy of what I've come up with, happy to have your feedback.

(Why "twisted literature and ugly songs"? I once wrote a bio poem, stating, amongst other oxymorons, that I write twisted literature and ugly songs. Why "dark light lulllabye"? Don't know. I thought it sounded cool. And it kind of goes along with my style.)

Alright. Let's start.

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