Monday, November 16, 2009

Cadence: The Moon

The moon was out, shining like a plate after a good meal, shiny but stained. Cadence loved the moon, though she hadn’t ever told anybody. For some reason she felt silly about it, loving the moon, feeling so entranced by it. It seemed to give off its own soft humming, the faintest of beats in its chilly hum. It just sat there and glowed, moving slowly but surely. It seemed to smile down upon her every time she climbed out her window and sat on the steps.

Tonight, its smile seemed almost too broad for its milky face. It seemed to be laughing along to the music inside of her, making her steps light and excited. Should she be soaking enthusiasm from the moon? Probably not, but she smiled and danced down the stairs twisting along the trunk of her tree. Her friendship with the moon would remain a secret, and tonight, she was going to the shore.

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