Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to the Basics

After a long, loooooooooooong run with the Young Adult genre, I'm switching gears. I think I need a break of Urban Fantasy and faerie and... angst.

What am I moving onto?

The Classics.

I've realized: how can I call myself an admirer and lover of literature, when I've hardly read any of THE LITERATURE? Doesn't work.

I need some Mark Twain, and some Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens and... well, I do know Shakespeare quite well. I can skip him for now. I want some Bronte sisters!

But NO Steinbeck. NEVER AGAIN. Grapes of Wrath, oh how I hate thee.

So, as soon as the holidays are over and I have money again, I'm busting over to my favorite place, Barnes and Noble, and running to that section where they have "the classics" really cheap, and you can buy three get the fourth free or whatever, and I'm drinking them all up.

It's time I became a more well-rounded reader. And THEN can I go back to my crappy addiction to YA lit and still feel okay with myself :)

(Also coming soon... check out my completed "WHAT I READ IN 2010" list! I'm already at #134... how far can I get in the next 10 days? We'll see!)

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