Friday, December 3, 2010

My Vamp Choices

WELL... since no one answered my question, I'll have to answer them myself.

What are your favorite Vampire books/series?

CONFESSION: I had a weird relationship with Twilight, so I was sort of baised against the vampire thing for a long, long time. Only recently have I started to explore the Children of the Night exclusively.

The book that captivated me: Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel. (Did I do a review for that one? Can't remember. I've been seriously lacking in my book reviews, sorry. Life's a beast.) It was extremely orginial--- no Vampire Reform Schools here! It's about a girl who was recently changed back into a mortal after a life of vampiredom, having been the leader of a coven. Definitely original with romanticism elements... loved.

I started the House of Night Series, but didn't like it. Sorry.

Also started The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod; didn't get past the first thirty pages. Also sorry.

But Blue Bloods... well, Melissa De La Cruz, you've got an interesting idea going on that I DO so happen to like! Sexy, rich Manhattanites in danger of being consumed by evil Silver Bloods where they will be trapped in an crazy, evil subconscienous for eternity? Do like. For once, a vampire series is popular BECAUSE IT'S GOOD. Thank goodness for that!

So, if you're looking for some new vampy books, go for:

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