Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jane Eyre and Grimm's Fairy Tales

I finished Jane Eyre (finally) and, can I say? LOVED IT. Good ol' Charlotte Bronte.

(As I commented to someone the other day, the reason why it took me even so much longer to read it was because my copy fell behind my bed, and I was so lazy I didn't get it until four days later... teehee)

But honestly, it's a fantastic piece of romantic literature, and even though I personally would have condensced the first half of when she was a little girl into just a few pages, or left it out completely, it was well worth the wait. Halfway through, the language ceased to be any sort of inhibitor or anything; it became a second nature to read it and comprehend it.

...Now, trying to stay in the nature of "the classics," I've decided to start reading Grimm's Fairy Tales. Also love! I love reading the little obscure ones that no one knows or cares about, the little underdog fairy tales. Those one make me happy. There's one at the beginning about a guy trying to figure out what it means "to shiver" (as in, that was so scary I'm shivering/shuddering). He goes all over the place and people try to get this guy scared, but he's stupid and doesn't understand why the corpses hanging in the trees won't come down and share his fire (aren't they cold?), and he gets upset because he simply wants to know what it is to shiver! Since he lives through all these scary encounters, he's deemed brave by the king and is able to marry the princess, but he's still sad because he wants to know what shiver is. So, smart princess, gets a bucket of cold water from the river and throws it on him while he's asleep. "Oh! that makes me shiver!" he cries, "Dear wife, that makes me shiver! Yes now I know what shivering means!"

Heehee... it's a play on words! Bah! Who knew the brothers Grimm were so funny?

(actually, I think the Grimm's just collected the stories, they didn't write them. But they did put in all the hard work, collecting all the folklore and combining it for the world's reading delight.)

Thanks, brothers Grimm! And thank Charlotte Bronte!!!

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