Monday, March 28, 2011

BR: Beautiful Dead: Summer

So, while my copy of Summer was coming in the mail, I quickly re-read Arizona to catch myself up. And I found that while I absolutely love these books when I first read them, rereading them it's as great. Maybe because I already know the mystery, so it's not as entertaining and I'm not enthralled, or maybe because the writing isn't very good...

Beautiful Dead, Summer
By Eden Maguire

But when I finally did read Summer last night, I couldn't put it down! These books, while still dealing with the popular Paranormal romance stuff, are done in a unique way. I like the combination of mystery and paranormalcy, even as I want to beat sense into Darina.
The twist and turns were more exciting, and more intense, than I anticipated, and I was quite pleased. The ending was hurried, however, and I wished we could have seen more of Summer's reconciliation with it all. I hope she's at peace... you don't really get a clear understanding (or maybe I read it too fast).
And is it just me, or is Eden Maguire's writing getting better with each book? Good for her. )
Oh, Phoenix. How will you end? Because we all know it's going to suck. Beyond measure. And I'm not looking forward to it!
(Okay, that's a lie... I can hardly wait for Phoenix. I just don't want it to end, because it's going to be a sad, sad day in the life of Darina.)
(Also... I still hope she's seeing Raven. Because she promised Arizona, and I have a feeling that if Darina isn't keeping it, Arizona is going to come back and give her a swift kick in the toga...)

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