Tuesday, May 17, 2011


GOOD NEWS!!! (said in a sing-song-uber-excited-voice)

Just got wind of NEW BOOK from MAGGIE STIEFVATER (possibly my all-time author love)!

On her blog (which I read on goodreads.com--- thought I should do some citing here), she says: "Oh yeah, and it's a standalone novel (not a series), with blood, beaches, and kissing. My favorite that I've written so far. Ever."

(Side note: For some reason, I thought it said LEECHES instead of BEACHES, and I was like, "YEAH, RIGHT ON!" with a little fist pump, and was almost disappointed to realize it was beaches. Idea for your next book, Ms. Stiefvater? LEECHES. I'd be so stoked. Apparently I like leeches... who knew?)

But for her to be so excited about it makes me want to pee my pants while I do my little excited-happy-chair-dance that everyone makes fun of my for, because YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO ROCK. I think it's impossible for Maggie Stiefvater to write anything not extravaggantly excellent full of beautiful, lyrical writing that just sucks you in and refuses to let go unless you've thoroughly swooned.
And can I just say, as much as I love series-- more delicious Stiefvater writing to soak up-- I'm stoked that it's a standalone. It seems like no one does these days in the YA world, and I kind of miss it. Actually, I really miss it. I loved that back in the day with Lament, she did a follow-up with Ballad. It wasn't exactly a continuation of the same story, but a whole new story about one of the lesser characters. It was like they could have been two standalones than a series, and I really liked that.

So The Scorpio Races won't be available until October 8th, from what I read, but I for one can hardly contain myself from building a time machine so I can go pick up a copy (stopping only for a copy of Forever, of course.)
For more semi-creepy Maggie Stiefvater love-ranting, see here for Lament and better yet, here for Shiver and Linger, which apparently Maggie found out about and Tweeted about back in the day and WOW that was a long link.
That was probably the best review I've ever written, because I've never felt so passionate about a book like I did then. Obsessive? Maybe. Creepy? Yeah, sorta. But oodles of fun.

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