Friday, June 10, 2011

BR: ENTICE, Carrie Jones

By far the best in the series!

The silliness of Zara is still there, but toned down as she starts maturing more and more through all sorts of trips around the world, wounds, losses, and, of course, the eternal quest to save Nick from Valhalla...

The ending promises a FOURTH BOOK, which I'm actually rather excited about. Usually, I'm peeved when I get to the third book and IT DOESN'T WRAP UP (*coughcough-alysonnoel-coughcough*), but for once I'm pretty excited. Actually, way excited.

(book one)

(book two)

*Alyson Noel wrote the whole Evermore... series. I was super peeved when it didn't wrap up in book three--- which you can read all about my peevedness at my previous review right here. After book four, I just stopped. I stopped caring long ago, and I was just done. Did it ever end? Did anyone read Night Star? Is it STILL GOING? I know she wrote a spin off abotu Riley.... Oh my gosh, does it never end?

Anyways. Entice was fantastic. Love it. The whole character of Zara is very unique and loveable--- from her friendliness, to her love for Amnesty International and strong enthusiasm for justice, to her habit of chanting fears when she's nervous, she's great and a keeper. Plus the Pixie's thing instead of the normal Faeries thing was semi-original, which is always appreciated. Here's to hoping for the next book!

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