Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Kindle

So, I got a Kindle for my birthday last month, and can I say? Adore it.

Crazy surprise right? I was so anti-electronic books... What changed my mind? I read that you can get hundreds (maybe thousands, I don't know) of the classics FREE on Kindle. It pays for itself after a few free books. Plus, when gifted from my parents? Yes please!

It was only weird for a few pages of electronic book, then I got used to it. Less words can fit on the page, so you turn pages all the time... but you can do it one handed, instead of needing two to seperate and turn real pages.

Make no mistake, I am not 100% converted. I still love spending hours browsing Barnes and Noble, and the smell of new books, and the crinkle of pages and the shiny covers and the weight of a book in my hands... No, I will never STOP loving real, 100% paper books. Kindles are shnazzy and convienent, but mixing it up with a real book here and there makes all the difference. I still have my books shelves and stacks of books littering every surface of my room, and were I to get rid of them, half of my soul would die. No, no; Kindle will not be REPLACING real books in my life. Just making it a little bit more electronically-savy.

Although it is waaay too easy to get new books on Kindle. Waaaaaay too easy.

The nonperks I've found on my Kindle:

1. There's no clock. I can't tell when I've spent 3 hours reading, or 4, or 8...

2. No page numbers! What?! Just a "63%" (or whatever %) line at the bottom... So, I can't tell just how thick any given book is that I'm reading. Huh.

3. No color. That makes me sad. Although if I had paid more, I could have gotten one with color, but the whole idea was to be saving money...

4. You don't get to see the cover, hardly. It's small and noncolored, and only pops up if you search for it. I miss seeing the covers all the time.
5. And most importantly: Having a brand new book instantly at your fingertips (and paying $8-$20 for it) is easy as

click, scroll, click, click!

It's waaaaaaaaaay too easy to buy books when they're magically at your fingertips! You can have a new book in ten seconds, delivered instantly. While incredibly handy, TEMPATATION IS TOO GREAT!

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