Thursday, September 30, 2010

All By Myself

So, I haven't had a comment in, like, two months. I realized that people would read once or twice and then forget about this site, but really, it's pretty disappointing. Therefore (as I'm sure you've noticed), I've been letting the quality of my reviews slip, because really, I'm just writing for myself again. Lame sauce, man.

Then again, it means I can put up other literature-based posts. Like my epip post on how awesome the smell of books is; my favorite letters; my favorite words and why; real books vs. Nook/Kindles...

So, non-readers, thanks for at least reading those first few times. It made me quite happy and gave me bragging rights for a little while, and trust me, I milked it. :)

Keep reading, keep blogging, and never be afraid to write. -Holly

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