Thursday, September 9, 2010

BR: Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare
Book One in the Infernal Devices Series

Ah, the prequel series to the Mortal Instruments has finally arrived! And, a little unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. I guess I expected it to be absolutely nothing like the Mortal Instruments, that Cassandra Clare would take the Shadowhunters in a completely different direction, disappointing some but absolutely delighting me, but it turned out to be a lot like it’s three predecessors.

I was a bit bored with the first half, I am mortified to admit. I mean, I guess it had to be, because the facts about Shadowhunters and Downworlders and everything about their world needed to be explained for new readers, but I’m an impatient jerk who didn’t want to sit through it.

Two thirds of the way through the book, I was honestly considering the idea that I was disappointed with this book. It was good, but it wasn’t as fantastic as the Mortal Instruments… But, alas, it came around in the end!

Perhaps it was because the originality of it really came out in the last fourth, and it really set itself apart from The Mortal Instruments. Perhaps it was the way I finally started liking Tessa. Perhaps it was the betrayals and twists and diversions.

***But most likely, it was the way Magnus Bane showed up again (because I was really pissed off he was only around in one scene, seeing as he is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time), and, might I say that my favorite Institute kitty might just be older than I originally presumed? :D

Whatever it was, it made me smile in the end, and I am pleased with Clockwork Angel--- and now super pissed that it’s going to be another two years or whatever until the story is able to continue! ARRRRRRRRGHHH!!!

One thing I did not expect was that Clockwork Angel channeled the Mortal Instruments, at least in the relationship sort of way. I mean, here we go again, a heroine who has her pick of two boys who love her: Jem, the sweet, semi-tortured boy with bravery and wise attitude, and Will, the wild, self-destructive black-haired version of Jace--- and of course she goes with the badboy. I mean, it was practically reading about Jace and Clary again, loving each other, but the boy refusing to go down that path because he’s afraid that he’s not worth anything… Only Will was a bit more destructive of his own-- and Tessa’s-- happiness than Jace ever had been. I am seriously considering the fact that Will has no soul and/or feelings whatsoever. Wouldn’t that be a twist, Will being an automaton? Ah, but can an automaton have planned so much cruelty, let alone have self-loathing? Alas, he must be a demon after all. Curse you, Will!

I am quite peeved at the fact that Tessa fell for Will. Usually, when a heroine falls for the bad-boy, the goodness in the boy emerges, but seriously? Will’s a jerk. And seriously, Jem is awesome. He’s fantastic and brave and nice, and still loves Will even though he’s a jerk face that does not deserve loving. Why can’t Tessa be nice to Jem and make him happy, because he deserves it, and have an epic love for her efforts? Because it could be an epic love. I’ve sat around considering how to kill off other characters in order for Jem and Tessa to be together…. Okay, that’s obsessive and morbid, but whatever. I’m mad.

Overall? Not what I expected, but not disappointed in the least.

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