Thursday, September 30, 2010

BR: Beautiful Dead: Arizona

I found I really enjoyed Beautiful Dead: Arizona. Eden Maguire threw in characters and relationships and twists I had definitely not expected, but was totally pleased with. Arizona’s story was definitely creative on Maguire’s part. Totally saddening, but definitely creative.

I’m really hoping Maguire can keep it up, cause there’s at least another two books to go. Unless Darina helps Hunter in the end in a fifth book… Which causes me to wonder: will Darina help Hunter? And what if, if she DOES help Hunter, will he somehow make a trade and let Phoenix stay with her while he (Hunter) crosses over from the far side?

Cause we all know this is going to end badly. But will Maguire let it?

My speculation: Brandon is not a good-guy. Brandon is possibly the one who killed Phoenix in the first place, whether by accident or otherwise. Brandon, later on in the series, might try scamming on Darina, try to hook up with her, which is so not going to settle well with either Darina or Phoenix.

I just hope Darina still continues to hang out with Raven.

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  1. I might just have to read this! Thanks for sharing :) the cover looks kind of creepy too.